monday morning musings

We’re working on Mary Poppins and “a banker” (from Mary Poppins, so an Edwardian banker) costumes for Halloween. We’re slow this year. I hope we get it together. Otherwise, they might be pirates (adorable costumes they were given last Christmas).

I’ll be teaching a class in the winter at the university. (Mom and Dad, I guess this is my announcement.) Shakespeare’s comedies. I’m excited and I think it’s going to be insane trying to keep up with the church stuff (which is a contracted commitment) and the school stuff and the kid stuff and the spouse stuff. Too many good things?

Yesterday morning during the education hour was one of those crazy hours where I felt like I needed to be 3 or 4 places at once. It turns out that I didn’t. One of me was plenty. Everyone did their thing. I am grateful for flexible people who step in.

On Thursday I asked the RevDoc if I could ever put together the order of worship as the ordination inquirer had done the previous week. She said, “You busy today?” went over what she was thinking with me, and let me have it. I was startled and not quite ready, but it was fun.

I also got to do the prayers of the people again this week. I’ll post it at my poor neglected poetry blog. It was a wrestling match. I found it difficult to keep it from being a platform. I also wrestled with how much I could include a reference to something in the life of someone in the church that had been a confidential conversation. It would have been general enough that only the person involved in the conversation would have known, but that still felt like too much. I had it written in and dropped it during the prayer. It was a matter for private prayer–not public–though I am sure other people are dealing with the same things. Any other week I could have said the exact same thing and thought nothing of it.

Today I need to write a couple newsletter articles and prepare tonight’s women’s Bible study. The women in Kerygma mentioned that this month’s study–which they’d done in their various circles–touches on questions of inclusive language. Could be interesting. We have about 6 “Circles” that all do the Horizons Bible Study. It’s enlightening to talk to other people in other circles who are doing the same study.

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2 Responses to monday morning musings

  1. deanna Long says:

    Sounds like a full life! We are wondering about the costumes too!!!
    We have a costume party the 27th at the Robert Bruce’s. With the Lambs….

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