25th anniversaries part 1: inconceivable

There are several 25th anniversaries that happened in September, and this has become the first of a series of posts–rather than one extremely long post–about them.

I first saw The Princess Bride on video the year after its September 1987 premiere in our living room with High School Boyfriend and we both read the original book of which the movie is the story within the story in a very different way than the Fred Savage/Peter Falk frame story. I watched it with my college roommates and with the college ministry folks it was our New Year’s Eve tradition for several years. When we met, I had the videotape and Computerguy had the DVD; we both had the CD of the soundtrack, and he has a movie poster. At our wedding, one of CG’s friends invoked the film during the rehearsal, but the officiant–who had been my college ministry director–was already planning to and indeed did invoke it during the service itself. It’s that kind of movie for my generation.

I do find it fascinating that the culturally astute women of my “set” seem to give this one a pass on its women. Buttercup is mean and snobby and stupid, but she’s beautiful, so of course our hero is devoted to her. Yeah, it’s satirical–and Carol Kane’s Valerie, “I’m not a witch; I’m your wife,” is my favorite character in the film–but it’s also a little disheartening. The only other women in the film are the queen and the woman who “Boos” in the dream sequence.

In spite of that,  I just ordered the 25th anniversary edition blu-ray, and I think we’re going to throw a viewing party on Friday. Come on over!

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One Response to 25th anniversaries part 1: inconceivable

  1. deanna Long says:

    Looking forward to the other 25ths. Interesting to see the perspective from a different generation!

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