friday five: blogging

Jan found herself dealing with changes from blogger this week, and thus brings us this friday five all about blogging. I’m interested enough in my own thoughts at this point to go ahead and try to quickly answer.

1. When did you start blogging? What/who prompted you?
I started blogging for real in March 2010. I had found my way to the RevGals and was intrigued by the idea of joining them. I also wanted to check out WordPress because we were discussing re-working our church website and my spouse had heard that WordPress was a way to move from a single-administrator, single-server dreamweaver site to a more open, multi-user site. I was the first person connected (and I was only vaguely connected at that point) with the website project to really dig into WordPress and see what it could do. A year later, I presented the idea and showed what could be done, and we ran with it. A year after that, I ended up being the main WebAdmin for the site, but other people do post pieces of it. The weekly stuff–announcements, sermons, calendar–is not on me. A couple years later I actually joined the RevGals; as a “pal” I got shy, though I played along as a “regular attender” before joining.

2. How often do you post? How often do you visit blogging friends and/or other blogs?
Sometimes I post more than others. I’m having trouble finding the time to post right now, and I struggle with how much and what I want to say for my small but really theologically diverse audience.
I have many of the RevGal blogs as well as a few others I’ve found along the way on my google reader and keep up fairly well with that. Maybe too well. I don’t read as many novels as I might.

3. Why do you keep on blogging?
Good question. I started late, so I haven’t been doing it forever. I think I keep on because of the relationships. There are people I feel a connection with whom I would not interact if it weren’t for the blogs. Also, it is a place to put my ideas, thoughts, notions, kid photos.

4. What do you like to write about?
What I’m thinking. What we’re doing. What’s going on in my life. Books and other media when I can. Church. The kids. I want to write more about the kids because it could be a good record for them.

5. Have your blogging habits changed–or are they changing?
As I’ve said, when I’m busy with other intellectually stimulating work, I blog less. When I’m adrift, it’s a great place to give myself an intellectual/writerly workout.

Bonus: Recommend a blog or two.
There are many many blogs I really like to read. Today I’m going with two English Teacher/Writer types.
For academic/writerly/spiritual musings, including really thoughtful posts on the future of academia, I will give a shout out to Poet and Academic Kristin Berkey-Abbott.
Because he is attempting to publicize his book, and because I adore his Voice, check out Milton at Don’t Eat Alone.

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3 Responses to friday five: blogging

  1. Jan Hilton says:

    I’m so glad you played today. I like connecting with RevGals, so I’m glad to get reacquainted with you! I really enjoyed your story of beginning to blog and getting connected with RevGals. I will be looking at those links–thank you!

  2. leah says:

    I love your blogging story, too, and I esp appreciate blogs that are full of variety; thanks for playing!

  3. Thank you so much for that shout out and for your thoughtful comments about blogging in general.

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