monday morning musings

My poor neglected blog. I’m working Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at the church, and going to the “Kerygma” study on Fridays. Those are also the days the boy (to be known as Shyguy) goes to preschool. So my time sitting at home without a child is pretty much nil, but I’m really liking what I’m doing, so that’s okay. I just have to make use of the time at home when Shyguy is here with me without him watching TV all day. This should be easier when it gets just a little cooler and he/we can go outside more.

The church program year started with a vengeance. We have been putting a new program in place without having all the pieces lined up. That’s been a little stressful because we want it to be good, but we have been doing a bit of juggling. Finally, yesterday, I was able to meet with (most of) the musicians who will be working with the kids and get some things planned out and nailed down.

We had a houseful for lunch yesterday–8 kids ages 1-6 running around while parents talked–so we could have the planning meeting. In prep for that, we got our carpets cleaned and did some rearranging of furniture. Computerguy ended up staying home from church to finish getting the house ready. Not ideal, that. :-/

Wordgirl decided she wanted to get her hair cut. We had her wait a week while we talked about it, and then I took her down and we did it. It’s as cute as anything and a lot easier to brush out, which was the issue in the first place.

Shyguy will move into the 3-year-old class at the childcare center next week. Given that he’s almost 3 and 1/2, and it is the class for those who will go to kindergarten in 2 years, it’s where he belongs, but I was a little surprised.It’s the year where the teacher becomes much more formal and moves from childcare with occasional crafts to a more preschool environment. I think the routine will be good for him, but my baby continues to grow up. And I don’t know if he’ll talk for the new teacher.

The boy crashed out after a morning of church busyness and an afternoon filled with people.

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3 Responses to monday morning musings

  1. Deanna Long says:

    She looks precious…and even more like her child mom. Good idea for school….since she doesn’t do fancy hair, simple hair is best! Wow… Busy schedule, but it looks good! Grandpa is so excited about coming in just one week! And the grandparents day cards were delightful!

    Deanna Long
    (Edited to take out your personal information)

  2. Sounds like you are busy living into your call and ministry with family and church, Yay for yoy!

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