seven on sunday

1) Walked this morning. Still love it when I manage to walk out and about. Love seeing  familiar faces of other walkers and smiling or waving (the older couple walking all the way across the street–don’t know them, but we always wave) or saying “good morning.” Every once in awhile a little more conversation. Occasional questions or comments about my shoes (Vibram 5-fingers).

2) Heading to church early this morning. Juggling several things. Getting the church school schedule ready for fall (not my primary responsibility, but I said I’d help), preparing the sanctuary, making sure we are set-up for an event after the service.

3) After the service we are hosting an Eric Law-inspired “listening event” asking about the future of our Christian Ed program. We’re serving pizza and will use Law’s “mutual invitation” discussion method to see what people are thinking, hoping, dreaming, and praying for the children of the church, moving the conversation out of the committee and into the greater church community.

4) The next week is busy. The big annual family reunion for my mom’s side started yesterday. I had to be at church this morning (see #’s 2 and 3) so my folks took the kids. We’ll join them this afternoon.

5) Friday evening we’ll take the girl child in to LA to see Mary Poppins. Hardly her first play, but her first big “from Broadway” downtown production. We’ve been prepping by watching the movie and listening to the soundtrack. Trying to figure out how much to warn her will be different. (Illinois Roommate: How did your eldest do with the kind of dark and scary toy scene? Any thoughts on that?) My folks will watch the boy.

6) Saturday Computerguy and I head to Long Beach for Harvard Divinity Grad’s wedding. My folks will watch both kids. Yay for grandma and grandpa.

7) The girl child begins school a week from Tuesday. We went school clothes shopping this last week. Pretty easy when it’s a uniform: navy polo, khaki bottoms. She’s all about the skorts, but we bought pants and shorts as well. Still need to get socks and shoes and basic school supplies.

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