encyclopedia brown

I will always associate Encyclopedia Brown with my k-3 church/school buddy (along with my brother, we were the two consistent kids in all church activities, and we were in the same kindergarten and third grade classes at school*). We were hanging out at my house and he told me ALL ABOUT the new book he had read–I think it might have been a birthday present–about this kid who was a detective and solved mysteries, but, and here’s the catch, the answers were at the back of the book, so the reader could try to guess the solution and see if he or she were right! He loved it, and in my memory, he described the entire book, including every mystery, to me. I, of course, checked the book out of the library as soon as possible. I really enjoyed the Encyclopedia Brown books, though I never got into guessing the solution. I never have with mysteries. I love mysteries, but I like to let them unfold before me. I rarely know the answer ahead of time, nor do I particularly try to work it out. Just not my thing.

Rest in peace, Donald J. Sobol. You gave a lot of pleasure to a lot of kids. Computerguy and I both look forward to introducing him to ours.

*It occurs to me that kindergarten and third grade were my two favorite years in school. Most of that had to do with the teacher, but class composition is also important, and I had real friends in both those classes, including church buddy, and that makes a difference. In third grade, I finally had the family friend/sister of my brother’s friend from first grade, and she and I and church buddy and his best friend made a really good group-of-four

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  1. Terri says:


  2. I wrote about him too–but I’m saving the post for next week, when relatives are in town, and I will need something already written to post.

    I think we would have been grand friends in elementary school!

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