monday morning musings

We arrived home from our trip to Idaho on the fourth. It was a good trip. The highlight may have been the girl learning to ride the neighbor grandchild’s 2-wheeler. How fun for Computerguy’s parents to have had the opportunity to observe that.

It was good to be back at church on Sunday. We have several new families who are bringing new life to our niche (parents with young children). I have to admit, there is something to say for throwing some extraverts into the mix.

I know the rest of the country has been dealing with extreme heat for awhile, but we had our first really HOT day yesterday, and the inevitable invasion of ants came this morning.

On that note, two weeks ago, the RevGalBlogPals‘ Friday Five asked what we love about summer. Here’s mine: fresh cherries and lychees (Check this out if you’re unfamiliar) when I can get them (thanks, Dad), brunch/lunch/coffee with teacher friends, CG’s summer hours which get him home closer to 5 than 6, pool/beach, summer entertainment opportunities (concerts/plays in the park, drive-in movies).

Speaking of Drive-in movies, we finally saw Brave on Saturday. I am, unsurprisingly,  in the loved it camp. I wouldn’t mind seeing it again, maybe without the 3-year-old climbing over the seats back and forth from the back to the front of the car every 5 minutes. We could not get the girl child to tell us what she thought. She loves her pretty princesses, but hasn’t watched the movies. I don’t know what she made of Merida.

The second feature was Snow White and the Hunstman. For the last few years, we’ve seen only movies we make a special effort to see–mostly the blockbusters or the truly obscure. It was fun to see something we wouldn’t have sought out but were interested enough in not to leave early. I liked it. I was glad I got to see it. (Though when Brave opened at the Drive-In, it was paired with The Avengers, but we were heading north. That one, I still want to see.)

I should admit, one of the things I like about the drive-in is that I can talk during the movies (Yes, I’m one of those people). Just to show how old we are, CG and I were musing on who would have played the roles in Snow White twenty years ago. I don’t know the actors anymore, but they’re good scenery.

CG’s and my 8th anniversary is tomorrow. It has sort of snuck up on us. This is his year to plan, so I’m trying to not offer suggestions.

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3 Responses to monday morning musings

  1. Rachel says:

    Welcome Wendy, from another RevGalBlogPals member! I’m an immediate fan based on profile alone, simply because you note that “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” is to be read first (terrible pet peeve with the chronological reprint of the series) and because you love L’Engle. Yay!

    And happy anniversary!

    • bookgirl says:

      Thanks for the welcome! (btw, I’ve been contemplating ordering the kid version of your book for our church school gradeschoolers this year. So many possibilities!)

  2. Muthah+ says:

    Hey, bookgirl! Glad you have joined up with us revgals. Enjoy our madhouse bunch.

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