seven on saturday

1) Bubble had kindergarten assessments this week. She did great on coloring in the lines (a task I never mastered), cutting, and pasting. She needs to work on writing her numbers without reversing them. She needs to work on writing her name with capital and lower-case letters within the lines “because we want them to have good handwriting.” Good luck, kid. I wrote “Kinder assessment day” on my FB status, and several people read it as assessments that were more kind. It’s all in the context, I suppose, but I liked the concept.

2) Bubble’s school is a charter school, and it is a dual immersion bilingual (Spanish) program. The assessment person said, “she knows Spanish already.” I said, “huh.” She said, “She counted to ten.” I said, “Oh, yeah. She knows Dora Spanish.” (Mom–can you bring us some books?)

3) Swimming lessons start this week. Both kids will be doing them. They have 3 levels for the 3-5-year-olds. Bubble made it to the top level during her third session last year, so that’s where she’ll start. The review will be good for her. We’ll see if we do more than one session, though. Squeak will be starting from the beginning, and it could be interesting.

4) Computerguy’s office moved. It’s a good move business-wise (buying instead of leasing the building for less money each month), but a little bit of a frustrating one in other ways. It’s a little further from home, though not much. It’s about 3x farther than the church, which is kind of a shame. It used to be 13 blocks down the same street, few lights: 5 minutes or less. I drove from the church to meet him for lunch yesterday: 18 minutes! There are better routes (I hope), but nothing particularly straightforward. Probably not a big deal, but it’s been handy. He’s driven the kids to pre-school on his way to work, come by and taken them to lunch so I could do lunchtime meetings, we’ve exchanged them at the church when I’ve had early evening meetings, and he’s often dropped things off or picked things up for me. None of this is a big deal now that the kids are in pre-school and I have some day time free, but still.

5) I met CG for lunch at his new office on Friday. We walked over to the Art Institute of California, Inland Empire campus, and had lunch at the culinary school restaurant. It turned out it was the last open day for the term and they were giving everyone a 50% discount. I had pork medallions on mashed potatoes. Very tasty. CG had a bacon burger that looked fabulous. It was a little pricey–or would have been without the discount–but there were a lot of interesting items on the menu and I look forward to seeing them again, and maybe watching as a term progresses. We got them at their very most polished yesterday.

6) We’re leaving town the last week of June for CG’s parents’ 50th anniversary, and I’m missing 3 church events. I said as much to CG, and he said, “uh huh.” Not sure what I was hoping for, but it wasn’t that. (That’s not true. I know exactly what I was hoping for: “Oh, my! We should wait and leave on Thursday.” Was never going to happen.) And yes, my life does revolve around the church. And yes, I’m grateful for it.

7) Warning: Not for the over-sensitive. Last night in the middle of the night, I woke up to banging noises outside. It was prolonged enough and loud enough, I got up and checked the kids to make sure neither of them had stumbled outside to play at 3:00 (or so) in the morning. They were fine; I went back to bed. This morning, CG came in from outside to say that the trash can had been knocked over and a cat food can had been licked clean, and there was a pile of feather over by the swing set. Huh. Then I remembered my middle of the night noises. I’m kind of glad I just checked the kids and didn’t actually go outside to see what was going on. Ugh. I know it’s nature and the cycle of life and I eat meat, but still. (and yet I post the evidence…)

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One Response to seven on saturday

  1. Terri says:

    Oh I do hope you have a wonderful trip. I have a difficult time with the reality of the natural world, especially when it is so evident in my backyard….sorry…(kinder, lol)

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