friday five: summer fun

Noting the busy-ness of the end of the school year and ready for summer, Kathrynzj brings us this Friday Five:

Please tell us five things you are doing this Summer. Bonus? One thing you’re not doing, but WANT to be doing.

1) At the end of June, we’ll be driving to Boise, Idaho, to celebrate Computerguy’s parents’ 50th anniversary. That family is not big on big celebrations, but we’ll try to make it something a little more than just the Annual Summer Visit. There’s a lunch with friends and dinner with the family planned, anyway. (I was thinking a few days in a cottage on the Oregon coast where they wouldn’t have to host, but I got voted down. If they truly don’t care, I probably shouldn’t either.) They have a great place. It’s not like we NEED to go somewhere else. My header photo was taken on the lake that’s just outside their door. I just thought this trip could be a little different somehow. Not a big deal, I’m still working on it.

2) At the end of July, I will be meeting my midwestern cousin for a writer’s conference featuring Marilyn Chandler McEntyre at Zephyr Point Presbyterian Conference Center in Lake Tahoe. It’s supposed to be absolutely beautiful. I read McEntyre’s book, Caring for Words in a Culture of Lies, last fall and absolutely loved it, so when the RevDoc sent me a flyer for the conference, I jumped on it. I impulsively sent my cousin a link and was stunned when she jumped on it as well. I’m so excited.

3) The first week in August we’ll have our family reunion at a So Cal beach. No big trip. No long hikes. Just 5 days of beach camping.

4) The weekend following the reunion, my folks will stick around to stay with the kids and CG and I will attend Harvard Divinity Grad’s wedding at the historic First Congregational Church in Long Beach.

5) Swimming lessons, tumbling class, regular swimming, beach trips, evenings in the park, lots of barbecuing (that would be “grilling out” in Midwestern parlance), normal summer stuff.

Bonus: I don’t have a Midwestern trip planned, and after re-connecting in person with my Illinois Roommate and on the phone with my Tennessee Roommate, that’s making me a little wistful. We need to start planning for next summer NOW!


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3 Responses to friday five: summer fun

  1. Kathrynzj says:

    Wow, it all sounds great. ENJOY!

  2. marciglass says:

    If you get to Boise before I leave for GA on June 29, would love to have a Revgals meet up!

  3. Martha says:

    Have a great summer!

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