friday five: birthday edition

Kathryn brings us this one in honor of her beloved, and since it’s heading to my birthday and I love my birthday, I figured I’d play:

There’s a birthday for an adult member of my family today. I will admit, I’m not very good at celebrating birthdays. Sadly, the adults in my life have suffered from this affliction. I do manage to rally for my son (now age 7).  

I could bore you with my own personal history of birthday laments which may have led to this attitude… but I won’t (you’re welcome). Instead I’d love to hear your birthday memories.

1) What is the first birthday you remember?
My 5th. We had a party. Kids brought presents. It was great.
2) Do you recall a favorite gift?
Just because it has recently re-entered our house: My 10th birthday, in Taiwan, my dad brought home this monstrosity (on his bike) and put him on my bed the morning of my birthday. His name is Spot. We unstuffed him to bring him back to the states, and re-stuffed him here, and I’ve had him ever since (31 years next Saturday), though he’s been living at my folks’ house. My dad brought him over on his last trip. Love him (the gift and the dad).
3) Has anyone ever tried to surprise you for your birthday? Did it work? Was it fun?
My 21st birthday. I thought I was going to celebrate Mother’s Day at my folks’ house after church. All my friends and family were there. I had NO CLUE!! Really shocked. Good one, Mom!
4) Do you have a favorite birthday dessert?
Angel Food cake with icing.
5) Describe what would be your ‘perfect birthday’.
Last year was pretty ideal. Introvert that I am, I prefer several small gatherings to one big one (drinks with a friend, dinner with the family and my closest family friends, weekend with my beloved. It worked.)

Last year was a big one and I was intentional about it. Nothing is set yet this year except my mom is going to be in town. We may end up in Pasadena for our seminary intern’s graduation ceremony that day, but I haven’t committed.

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5 Responses to friday five: birthday edition

  1. suntreeriver says:

    Spot is so cute! thanks for playing–Happy Next Birthday!!!

  2. Purple says:

    Several small gathering…that appeals to this introvert!

  3. deanna Long says:

    I thank dear Kathryn for coming up with the questions, and I love the answers! Spot truly looks contrastingly handsome on that red couch.

  4. Terri says:

    I too like the several small gatherings….besides, I like to celebrate over a week, not just a day.

  5. Kathrynzj says:

    Glad folks are having some fun with this and angel food cake with icing – YES!!!

    Happy birthday… very soon. Thanks for playing!

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