friday five: internet connections

This week’s Friday Five on technology comes from Jan:

from Studio North Blog (click photo for site)

I have vaguely been hearing about the coming trend of people using mobile internet devices rather than desktop computers. Having four adult children, I see them using cell phones, laptops, tablets, ipods/iphones/ipads instead of the desktop computer, which I am using right now.

So I am asking you to answer the following questions about whatever device you most often use these days, first by telling us what you have:

1. Do you use social connections, like Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in or whatever else there is? Describe how you use it/these.
That ubiquitous social networking site is the only one I use, but boy do I use it. I keep in touch with people from childhood, high school, graduate school, and family. There are some with whom it seems easier to send a message through FB than by email. I have stayed away from the games, though I’m tempted to do that word thing because of some connections it might strengthen. I can’t decide if FB is good or not, but it’s here and I’m there. (CG, by the way, is not. He just has not joined.)

2. Do you text on your cell phone? Work, friends, family?
Computerguy and I text quite a lot, especially for quick info during his workday or to alert the other that we’re on the way home. (CG: On my way. BG: Stop for 4% milk and bananas? CG: OK). I also text with a handful of friends and with my mom. When I traded in my smartphone after getting the iPad (didn’t want to buy 2 data plans each month), I got a “texting” phone with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. It’s handy, but I don’t text like the twentysomethings (or teens!!).

3. Do you play any games? Which ones?
I have surprised myself by not playing games. I totally thought I would. Maybe I just haven’t found the right ones or don’t have that kind of dual activity time (playing games while watching mindless TV). I find I’d rather catch up on blogs or read ebooks when I have a few minutes. (Maybe I’ll come across some recommendations today, though.)

4. How do you predominantly use the various electronic devices you possess?
Reading books and blogs. Surfing the web. Morning prayer (I have a lectionary app I find really handy). And music. Listening to music (my ripped CD collection and new music I download straight to the computer/devices) and Podcasts. Email. FB. I’ve been tracking walking with Nike+ on my iPod Touch, but I haven’t connected it with the website yet. The kids play some on the iPad, though that has died way down. Watching shows while I’m doing something else. I stay pretty connected.

5. How do you feel about blogging? Are you as involved in blogging as when you first started? What facilitates your blogging?
I came to blogging early and was turned off, so ended up coming to blogging late. I’m still enthused, though I found it difficult to find time to write while I was teaching and I’m struggling with the idea of audience. I continue to wonder if my “kitchen sink” type blog is really what I want to do, but I haven’t felt moved to change it up. Having time to think facilitates my blogging and my blogging facilitates my thinking. Additionally, being on the actual computer facilitates blogging. Blogsy has helped, but I still find it cumbersome to blog from the iPad.

Bonus: Anything you want to add. You might like to discuss what helps you most in your vocation with internet connections.
The internet and that ubiquitous social networking site were so important for me when I was in that in-between space of being finished with coursework, but not with the dissertation and not teaching and taking care of kids at home, so I didn’t have the university community and I hadn’t found community here yet. The virtual community was my community, and while I don’t think that’s enough, I’m sure glad it was there.

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3 Responses to friday five: internet connections

  1. suntreeriver says:

    Interesting comments–I’d almost forgotten about email, and typically use FB messages instead, but email still has a place. Isn’t it fun to see how our lives have changed and will continue doing so? Peace!

  2. Terri says:

    I’m glad you started blogging again, I have enjoyed knowing you through the blogosphere. I never use my iPad to write blog posts – for that I use my laptop – but I do use the iPad for all comments and Facebook status updates and comments.

  3. simplyjan says:

    Once upon a time, I would have questioned whether virtual community could be real community. I don’t question it anymore. I value the connections I’ve made online. My world has gotten so much bigger!

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