coming back

Finally wrapped up the quarter, and now we are preparing to head to Boston–dropping the kids off with the grandparents on the way–for the Shakespeare Association of America’s annual meeting. Computerguy and I will have a few days before and a day after the meeting to play. When we went to Boston a year and a half ago, it was his first time, and evidently he felt a little unfinished, so he’s really looking forward to this. I am too, but I’m not entirely happy with my paper which will be discussed seminar style rather than presented to a random group, and I’m less happy with the fact that the SAA meets over Easter weekend every single year. So I’m doing it this year, but I don’t know about the long run. Meanwhile, Harvard Div grad and her fiancé are still in Boston, so we’ll get to hang out and share church which is pretty cool.

Today we make palm crosses at the church, and then try to get everything together for the trip. Tomorrow we do Palm Sunday, a meeting directly after church, a lunch after that, and then drive to Arizona. CG and I fly out early Monday morning. So there it is.

I just bought the Blogsy app (using it for the first time right now), and I’m happier with it than the WordPress iPad app–though I’m still a big fan of WordPress–so maybe I’ll be able to blog from Boston.

And on Friday I enrolled Bubble for kindergarten. It’s hard to believe how quickly it’s coming–though not until mid-August.


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2 Responses to coming back

  1. deanna Long says:

    Coming soon! Mid-August for Bubble!!! Will love to hear the excitement of Boston!

  2. Oh my she is so grown up and so beautiful. Love the outfit!!!
    And enjoy Beantown.

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