epiphany notes

I love Epiphany. I’d save all gifts for the Feast of the Magi if I could. I think it makes more sense to honor them by giving gifts and it would somehow make Christmas Day more sacred. Not that gift giving isn’t sacred. I think it is. But it can also be consumerist and many other things.

One of my gifts this year was the book To Dance with God: Family Ritual and Community Celebration by Gertrud Mueller Nelson. I look forward to reading all of it, but I did skip ahead to see what suggestions she had for Epiphany. One idea was to make an Epiphany board game, so Bubble and I did just that. The Little People magi are the playing pieces and the squares say thing like, “Camel tries to go home, move back two spaces.”

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We also plan to make a 3 Kings Cake and I’d like to do a Chalk Blessing which Nelson mentions, but I first heard from the RevGals.

This comes from the Worshiping with Children Site:

Chalking the Door is an Epiphany ritual that can be done at church then repeated in the congregation’s homes.  It is basically a house blessing.  Using chalk, members of the congregation or household write on the door frame the year’s date and the letters C, B, and M (the initials of the three wise men).  Prayer is then offered asking that the door welcome many visitors during the coming year and that all who come through the doorway be blessed.  Write on the church doors during the worship service with the focus on the congregation’s home.  Then encourage households to repeat it in their own homes.  Print a simple blessing for use at both church and home in the order of worship and give out small pieces of white chalk for home use.  Below is a sample blessing.
God of doors and homes, bless this home this year and every year.
Bless all who come and go through this door, both those who live here and those who visit.
May all who enter through this door come in peace and bring joy.
May all who come to this door find welcome and love.
May the love and joy in this home overflow and spread into the community and the world.

Jan Richardson has a post on her Sanctuary of Women blog about “Women’s Christmas” and a link to a free, downloadable retreat packet. If I can get everything ready for Monday, I would love to sit down with that on Friday when the kids are in child care. Alas, I don’t think there is any way. Maybe when Grandpa comes later in the month. There was just something nice about having this one day set aside and having it actually BE Epiphany. Oh well…

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2 Responses to epiphany notes

  1. I’ve been thinking of Epiphany too. I’ve been somewhat obsessively taking pictures of creche scenes this Christmas season, and last night I cropped some of them for an Epiphany meditation and photo essay:


    I wish I had time to make 3 Kings Bread or Cake, but it is likely not to be. Ah well, there’s always next year!

  2. Terri says:

    wow, love the resource from Jan Richardson. I haven’t had time to check out her blog in ages, but I love her resources. And, I love the book you got, I used it a long time ago….

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