snapshots from christmas

We (my parents and the four of us) went to a locally owned Mexican restaurant for dinner before church. It was fun and festive and delicious. Squeak, who hadn’t had a nap, fell asleep on his grandma’s lap before his food came and slept the whole of dinner. We had about an hour between dinner and church, so we drove around and looked at Christmas lights and Squeak ate his grilled cheese sandwich.

Christmas Eve was the AP’s final service at our church. He was greeting people in his alb, but then he didn’t show up on the chancel. The lector began the first reading from Genesis, said and God said, and then the AP’s voice came over the sound system as the voice of God. So he got to play God in his final service in the church. He may not get to do that again. I’m not sure one can assign oneself the role.

The readings and songs through the first part of the service were all about the light shining in the darkness and I kept thinking how much it echoed the poem I had written in October for Christmas Eve. Evidently the RevDoc thought the same thing since she read my poem and use it as a springboard for her meditation. I was moved and awed and humbled and grateful. To be able to use my gifts, to have them recognized, to know it is God’s Spirit working through me, it’s humbling.

In the morning we Opened stockings, had breakfast, started opening gifts, and then went to church. The service was a lot of carol singing with a brass ensemble accompanying us. We ended with the Hallelujah Chorus, postponed from Advent 4. One of the men who has been ill, joined the impromptu choir for the Hallelujah Chorus. I was watching. The look of joy on is wife’s face as he moved into place beside her was worth seeing. I wept as I watched them, a reaction I don’t entirely understand, but will explore further.

My Mom’s family came over in the afternoon. My late cousin’s little boy was here, reminding us that life indeed goes on. My 89-year-old grandmother was here. She is remembering less and less, understanding less and less, and moving further and further into dementia. Yet when the traditional Christmas carols came on the station we were playing, she could sing with them, pretty much every word of at least the first verse. Robin posted some of her Christmas day sermon here. She talks about learning scripture through Christmas carols before church was ever a part of her life. These things makes me think abut teaching our children through music. One just doesn’t forget a song one has REALLY learned.

Squeak fell asleep about 5, and is still sleeping. I’m hopeful he will sleep through the night, but I’m not too sure. I should probably go to bed, just in case I need to be up with him at 4 or something.

Happy Christmas. We have 11 more days of Christmas and Computerguy has the week off and we’re not traveling. Woo-Hoo!

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One Response to snapshots from christmas

  1. Terri says:

    Happy Christmas to you and yours! Soinds like a lovely Christmas.

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