my incredible fashion sense

I’ve trashed a couple of boring posts, so, with apologies to my former roommates who tried so hard to civilize me, I’m simply posting this photo of our socked and sandals feet. Yep. Silly socks, it’s a Bookgirl signature. Socks and sandals, too. And evidently I’m content to pass it on. Good luck to you, kids. And good luck to your future compadres who will try to civilize you.

eta: I posted this same photo on that ubiquitous social networking site and Our Mutual Friend (the friend who introduced Computerguy and me) reminded me that Katharine Hepburn wore socks with sandals. Thanks, OMF and Ms. Hepburn.

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3 Responses to my incredible fashion sense

  1. emptyhat says:

    I’ve also just recently trashed some old posts…nothing to feel bad about, it’s just a perpetual work In progress. Wow Catherine Hepburn in socks and sandals? Crazy stuff

  2. MC Quaker says:

    Any More Pics of socks and sandals from u guys/girls

  3. julie bird says:

    ..And white socks with dark sandals!

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