and done

Well, I finished the Hunger Games trilogy and I have to admit, I’m impressed. I suppose what I’m going to say is spoilerish, so I’ll skip down a bit. (actually, I’m going to include a downright spoiler at the very end, so don’t peek if you think you might read the books.)

There’s a lot to say about these books, and I’m barely going to start scratching the surface today. It’s hard not to start drawing comparisons (Here my friend Becka makes the inevitable comparisons with Twilight. Full disclosure, I never even tried Twilight.), and I’m not going to do too much of that, but I have to admit, I haven’t been so drawn into a series since a certain young wizard found his way to school. On the other hand, the books are nothing alike–except maybe that they have adolescent protagonists and the young people are fighting a war. I’m not going to dip back into these to find a world of friends and fun in spite of the war going on. I will probably read them again, but not perennially. While there were moments of fun, it’s all pretty horrifying and not a nice place to visit. No need for Universal to make a theme park (what a horrifying thought). But there’s a lot to gain from reading them and they’re very well written.

In the end, I’m with Meg. I think the books portray the horror, the ambivalence, the ambiguities, and the awfulness of everything that happens, and the effects on the characters. I loved the ending. I was kind of expecting it–a friend had posted that she “didn’t see that coming” so I knew to expect the unexpected, and pretty much guessed what that would entail. I didn’t know just how it happened, but I had an inkling.

I’m curious about the films.




And, yes, I was team Peeta, so I’m very very happy. 🙂

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  1. I loved these books and I am super excited about the movies. The whole time I was reading them I kept saying these would make great movies unbeknownest to me they were actually making them movies. I hope Suzanne Collins has an intregal part in making them because I love her story telling ability, and can’t wait to see some of the stories elements on the big screen.

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