a new year

Advent begins tomorrow. We’ve been making preparations. We have the Advent House out (though it won’t start until Thursday) and the Jesse Tree ready (that begins tomorrow). I changed my Bookgirl background color to dark blue, like the night sky.

The church Advent devotions have started showing up (about 5 hours earlier than I expected. The AP must have been playing with settings. WordPress–it’s all about community). I also put the link on my sidebar.

I’m experimenting with trying to write something vaguely poetic based on the lectionary readings this year. I’ve been toying with the idea for awhile and realized suddenly this afternoon–The Year Begins Tomorrow! If I’m going to do something weekly, I need to do something NOW. So I have a very simple blog going right now with a very rough poem for Advent 1. I’ll mess with the blog as I have time, and hopefully, I’ll make time to be a little more together, but at least it’s something. I figure if I write 50 poems this year–good, bad, or indifferent–I’m bound to gain something. And in 2011-2012, that means writing not in my journal but out here on the interwebz where anyone enjoy, judge, critique, appreciate, respond, borrow, hold me accountable. 🙂 (Kristin has recently been thinking and causing me to think about practice.)

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One Response to a new year

  1. Terri says:

    I am prodded to write poem/prayers for the Sunday RevGalsBlog every other month, so I write about 24-26 a year…although sometimes I reuse one from a previous year…….its a good practice – I often take little sectiona from the acripture and weave them into the prayer/poems. So, good for you!

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