friday five: free gifts

Sally at the RevGals brings us this one. I’m paraphrasing: thinking back on Thanksgiving and on to black Friday, think about your year and name 5 Free gifts you’ve been given.

1) Opportunities I’ve had in this church at this time with this pastor. Opportunities that draw me closer to the Holy One, to God. Opportunities that enrich me, and also use my gifts. Opportunity for prayer, reflection, study, writing, leading…

2) Friendship. To have people with whom I can share myself. Yeah.

3) Time. When my dad/parents come and watch the kids, they give me time to catch up, to just be.

4) The blogging world. It keeps me writing and it keeps me connected. I love both the reading and where that leads me and the thinking about writing. I think about quitting, but there are people I would miss, and there are things I want to say that I would miss having a place to say.

5) Mornings when the kids sleep in, but also mornings like this one when the boy comes out, crawls into my lap, and falls back asleep. (though it makes it hard to get another cup of coffee).

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6 Responses to friday five: free gifts

  1. great list- I love that gift of a lie in and a cuddle with your son 🙂

  2. Terri says:

    I’ve often wished for some means of acquiring another cup of coffee without disturbing a sleepong child or, in my current context, a sleeping cat….I am thankful for you and coming to know you through the RevGals!

  3. Good point about the blogging. I really have come to know some wonderful people through blogging and the Revgalblogpals

  4. Purple says:

    Great gift list and friendships are priceless.

  5. Holly says:

    Ah time, my family lives far away but when the come and I get a moment by myself, its so refreshing. Love Your List

  6. karla says:

    your list sounds so blissful. and the coffee situation, get that totally!

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