monday morning musings*

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Loved Saturday.

Had coffee with a friend in the morning while Computerguy hung out with the kids. So, so good.

In the afternoon we went down to a family friendly robot expo at a library in my old town. They had both replicas of film/TV robots and small, working robots of the variety in which CG dabbles, things like tic-tac-toe playing robots, line-following robots, soccer playing robots, etc.

After the expo, we stopped at a favorite Italian restaurant that is ordinarily out of our way, but was on the way home. We ordered one regular spaghetti dinner for the kids to share and they demolished it. Amazing! The owner came out to chat with the kids and offered them another plate of spaghetti, but we nixed that; they were slowing down by then. Sort of. Bubble still had two rolls after the spaghetti. The owner did bring the kids little cups of spumoni ice cream which they loved.

Sunday was filled with graces.

I began the morning checking-in/chatting with the church school coordinator. Teaching an adult class has pushed me a little out of the loop with the kids. That’s something I need to watch–taking responsibilities and then doing conflicting things because they’re fun. It’s been fine, but I do need to be aware.

I taught my final church school class for now. What a great group. That was fun.

Mayor and Mrs. Mayor came into class late. I learned later from Computerguy that they had discovered a section of the church (lawn? Parking lot? I need to listen better) with trash just thrown across it. So they cleaned it up. Mayor and Mrs. Mayor–who has had hip surgery in the last few months–(and Computerguy and Squeak) cleaning up a trash mess on the way into church. Because that’s the kind of people they are.

We sat with a friend in church and got an invitation to Thanksgiving dessert.

The AP gave his “I’m leaving” sermon.

And then we had a wedding. A couple wanted to be married before their church family, so they were. The RevDoc treated it like a baptism or ordination or some other special addition to the worship service. It was good. And, this was never said, but I gathered she made the bride’s bouquet herself from flowers she had bought for her daughter’s sweet sixteen party. Because that’s the kind of person she is.

During coffee hour I was running around talking to half a dozen different people about half a dozen different things and thinking about how much genuine community I felt. Now if we can just make more connections between Sundays…

*Blog post title borrowed from Terri at Seeking Authentic Voice.

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4 Responses to monday morning musings*

  1. Glad you had such a great weekend. Love the pics. Hilarious that the kids had robot shirts to wear.

    • bookgirl says:

      I know, right? The Wall-E shirt is technically too small for Bubble, but we went there anyway. Computerguy had a robot shirt, too. All my nerdy shirts are literary. I felt left out. I wore a Purdue shirt. I figured it was my closest thing to technology cred.

  2. Terri says:

    Nice weekend!

    I have attended a Sunday service with a wedding in it, and happended just as you say, in a similar place in the worship as a baptism. Cool, isn’t?

    I am happy to share the blog post title…it’s the remnant of a blogging effort to have a theme for e ery day of the week: Monday Morning Musings (because its always been my day off), Tuesday somwthing or other, and so on. I dont remember the other themes because this is the only one i have done with regularity.

  3. Deanna Long says:

    Such familiar happenings…and loved the mayoral task force at work!

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