anticipating advent

It’s getting close. Two weeks until Advent begins. Yikes! But mostly, Yay!! Have I mentioned how much I love Advent?!! (Let the record show, I have not yet begun playing Christmas music this year. Shocking, I know!)

As I mentioned some time ago, our church put together our own Advent devotional guide this year. 24 people wrote for the booklet. We were given the theme “Preparing for the Prince of Peace,” the scripture passages for the day, and minimal instructions. The weekdays use the Daily Lectionary Scriptures and Sundays and Christmas Eve use the Revised Common Lectionary.

I got a digital preview of the booklet because I offered to help the AP put it on-line. It’s looking pretty good. It’s interesting to see the different directions people took. I will mention that we are–with the single exception of a retired pastor–all lay people with varying degrees of theological sophistication. We also have writers who go from very conservative to as progressive as one can get and all points in between. This is not glaring in the booklet–these are brief meditations/reflections on lectionary passages, not essays–but it comes out in subtle ways.

So… if anyone is looking for an on-line Advent devotional to use this year, check it out. Each day has a link to the scripture passages, the meditation, and a couple of questions for thinking. Here’s the link now: Preparing for the Prince of Peace, and I’ll put it in a widget on the sidebar before Advent starts. Mine are December 10th and 24th, but I’ll probably do specific links on those days.

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One Response to anticipating advent

  1. Terri says:

    Cool! I wrote for the advent reflection guide for the Words Matter project, using the Iasaih reading for Advent 3. It’s on the website. I look forward to yours, too.

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