halloween: the costume edition

All Saint’s Day today. All Hallows…

But this is a kid post.

Mickey Mouse has changed in the last few years. The current incarnation is called Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and is aimed at the preschool set. It was the first show Bubble starting watching, the summer after she turned two, on DVD on our big road trip. To the left are the current looks of the big 6. Mainly, Daisy and Minnie wear purple and pink instead of blue and red to (a) make them more feminine? and/or (b) give them their own color so they complement rather than match Donald and Mickey.

Two years ago, Bubble decided she wanted to dress like Goofy for Halloween (Granddaddy Nanny had something to do with this). We put together a costume and she was adorable. Last year she wanted to be Minnie and I found a commercial Minnie and Mickey costume that she and Squeak wore (and I wore my Winnie-the-Pooh costume which I bought many years ago). They were okay, and they’ve had fun wearing them since–something that’s a little harder with the pieced together costumes–but we still just like the pieced together ones better. I do feel like they were worthwhile purchases, though.

This year Bubble decided she wanted to be Daisy Duck, so we went back to work. Computerguy just LOVES these things. He’d never buy a costume, ever. I go back and forth. Sometimes I don’t mind taking the easy way out, especially when they use them through the year. But I digress. Using things we had, thrift store finds, and a couple of commercial/craft pieces, I think we did pretty well. She was ADORABLE!!

Meanwhile, Bubble wanted Squeak to be Donald Duck, but he wasn’t interested. When we asked him what he wanted to be, he said Mickey. We figured he could just use last year’s costume. I had found a Superman costume at a thrift store that I had picked up just for him to have fun with–he’s been playing Superman a lot–not sure where that comes from because we don’t watch any Superman shows. Grandma made him a cape to go with the costume. On Halloween Eve, as we got ready to go to the church party, we asked which costume he wanted to wear, and he chose Superman. Again last night we gave him the choice and he went with the S-Man. Mommy liked that. 🙂  I love the way he is always moving his cape, though it makes it hard to bet a non-blurry photo. But then, he is Superman after all.

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One Response to halloween: the costume edition

  1. That goofy costume was a hard one to beat but I think this year’s is right there with her Daisy. SOOOO CUTE! And what a handsome Superman you have.

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