halloween: fun food edition

Photos of kids coming soon, but not here yet…

Last night we had our church Halloween gathering. After meetings all week and family on Friday and Saturday, I got to Sunday afternoon and realized I had done nothing about preparing an appetizer or dessert. I thought about making cupcakes, but figured someone would bring cupcakes and desserts tend to be more plentiful than appetizers at such gatherings anyway. Remembering how much fun Computerguy and I had with our Pac-Man Jell-O at an 80’s themed party in Halloween ’05 (CG is really creative. He came up with the costume idea. We worked together to figure out the Jell-O), I went to my friend G00gle image search and typed in something like “Halloween Appetizer.” I was looking for something I could have ready to go in about 2 hours, so no setting up or baking and cooling. I found an image I loved (here’s the website; they have several other ideas, too), clicked on the site, checked in with CG, and got my party dish. Bubble and I did a quick shopping trip; I put it together, and CG did the spider web. If I did it again, I would double the refried beans and do about 1 and 1/2 x the Guacamole, just so there would a little more to it. I’ve done 7 or 9 or 12 or whatever layer dips before, but never from a recipe. Regardless, I was satisfied and it looked great, though I’m not sure how many people saw it. It got decimated FAST! Never disregard to appeal of an x-layer-dip.

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One Response to halloween: fun food edition

  1. Brittany says:

    Totally agree about the layered dip. I took one to a party on Friday night and my mom took one to another party last night. Both nights it was pretty well devoured!

    LOVE the Pac Man Jello too! Went right back to the 80’s with that one!

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