friday five: my life stages

Jan at RevGals gives us this:

Since it is almost my birthday and because my spiritual direction peer group is reading Living Fully, Dying Well by Edward W. Bastian and Tina L. Staley, I am thinking of my life in stages. For the latter group, we filled out a form dividing our life into 7-year increments, documenting “significant moments,” then “people who guided and influenced me,” and ending with the question, “What did this phase contribute to the continuum of my life?” This was a life Review Exercise devised by Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi.

For today’s Friday Five, I am suggesting that we each divide our age into 5 sections. You don’t have to say your age or ages for the different parts, unless you want to. In each of the 5 points, please describe a memorable and/or significant event, either good or unpleasant.

My Life Now: Who Knew?

Since I’m on a number divisible by five, I think I’ll try this with five equal segments and see what happens.

0-8: When I was 5 and we were living in a small town in Missouri, my parents became Christians. It changed everything.

8-16: I’ve been a voracious reader since I learned how, but my sophomore year in high school, I began to understand what the academic discipline of English was and knew that I would pursue it. I’ll credit my sophomore English teacher and To Kill a Mockingbird with that.

16-24: My mom always said if I could just hold on until college, it would all fall into place. It really did. I loved college. While I’ve reconnected with some older friends via that ubiquitous networking site, my longest enduring, active friendships come from college and immediately after.

24-32: I decided to quit my life, move across country, and go to graduate school.

32-40: I met Computerguy and everything changed again.

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5 Responses to friday five: my life stages

  1. Jan says:

    It warms my heart to hear how your parents’ conversion affected you so much. I love reading and was also an English major in college. I really like the succinctness of your final two phases. But I cannot believe that I am old enough to be your mother–if I’d had you the year I got married.

  2. Love, love the picture. And I’ve gotta to be honest, I laughed when I read the first sentence out of context, “Since it is almost my birthday…..” Ha!

  3. Terri says:

    I might have been an English major if I had been less concerned with, well, what it meant to be in college in 1974…good play!

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