i’m sorry

In my last post, which I’ve taken down, I said this:

On the issue of women in church, I’m an egalitarian. That will come as No Surprise to anyone who reads this blog or anyone with whom I am in regular contact, but it might, evidently, to people I have known in the past.

Women in church leadership is not just a theoretical issue for me; it’s a practical one. I will not raise my children in a church where both women and men are not in visible positions of leadership. The senior pastor doesn’t have to be a woman–that’s just a bonus–but there need to be women around the visioning, the discerning, the planning. And my daughter AND my son need to SEE that God uses all kinds of people all kinds of ways (which extends way beyond gender, but I’m trying to not write a thesis here).


I stand by the above.

But then I got condescending. I was trying hard NOT to be judgmental (at which I failed) and ended up being really condescending to boot. And I was called on it, for which I love my friend. And I am sorry. I was certainly not pointing to the God we serve.

I was discussing a status update of someone I knew slightly in college and haven’t seen since. That was completely unfair of me, and for that, I’m also sorry.

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3 Responses to i’m sorry

  1. Brittany says:

    I was a part of a team of people today that had gathered to help a friend, a man, discern if he is being called into full-time ministry, priesthood, today. Of the 9 of us, there were 6 women. It struck me as so powerfully wonderful and then a little sad at the same time. While women are allowed to do ministry, in this faith tradition, they aren’t allowed to become priests. Maybe one day…

    I echo your sentiments!

  2. Hang in there! Being out in front sometimes makes you a target, especially when you may not have said — perfectly — what you were trying to say. Still, it’s important that these things be pointed out, repeatedly if necessary. I hope this won’t stop you from saying what needs to be said. I’m behind you 100%.

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