heading north and telling stories

We head north and then east tomorrow for our annual summer trip–our last year “summer” is flexible before Bubble starts school–to visit Computerguy’s parents. I am taking with me books and work and prayers and blessings.

We’re doing a road trip, about 2500 miles worth. We will drive north through California–stopping to see my brother is he’s going to be around–and Oregon. Computerguy found a treehouse for us to stay in 2 nights along the way. Our reservation is for Serendipitree. Doesn’t that look like fun? Then we’ll maybe visit friends of mine in Salem and Portland and head on to Idaho. We’ll likely come south via Salt Lake City, making the whole circuit.

Meanwhile I’ve been thinking about stories. Telling stories, listening to stories, telling other people’s stories.

The RevDoc told Session (church council) the other night about a woman whose Memorial she had just done and the stories of the Faithful Friends who care for one another, a group of women who never married who are one another’s family. Powerful stuff.

And I was helping my mom put together her book of stories her classmates are telling for their 50th high school reunion. Here are a group of people who went to high school in California in the late 50s and early 60s and their stories are varied and moving and joyful and heartbreaking and fascinating.

And flying home, I sat across the aisle from a woman I know slightly from church who, it turns out, graduated the same year as my mother and will be attending her high school reunion on her way home from a trip to Rwanda. I want to sit at her feet and listen to her story.

We’re talking in church about learning to tell our stories in the coming months/years. It could be interesting…

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2 Responses to heading north and telling stories

  1. Silent says:

    That treehouse looks awesome! Can’t wait to hear stories. 🙂

  2. quackademic says:

    Can I come, too? That looks so awesome.

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