carpe diem or didn’t

Well, I had great intentions for my Carpe Diem Summer. Here’s my list:

Picnic in the park
Take dinner outside
Go to a drive-in movie
Contact a FB friend for a playdate
Go to the beach. A lot. With various people.
Go to concerts/plays/films in parks
Shakespeare by the Sea
Surprise Computerguy with Evening Plans
Take the metrolink somewhere
Go to the zoo
Have a tea party

Some of these, it was just too hot to do. Some got shifted off to other times. Some I lost track of. A few we actually did. Maybe some of them we can do this fall.

We ate outside sometimes. When it was cool enough. That’s always fun. I need to just remember to do it.

We went to the beach some. We should get at least one more beach trip in, though.

We did Shakespeare by the Sea and Cinderella in the Redlands Bowl.


I’m having a Shakespeare film party tonight, something I ALWAYS say I’m going to do and NEVER actually do, so maybe it’s a good start to the fall.

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