the dessert dilemma

We’ve invited folks over Friday night to watch Julie Taymor’s version of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. I don’t know anyone among the yes RSVPs or the Maybe RSVPs who doesn’t carefully think about food. Granted, that’s probably true of any group of 30-50 somethings in our society. No big shock.

Part of hosting a gathering is being conscious of people’s needs.

Part of hosting a gathering is providing dessert. It just is.

Part of being a guest is enjoying what the host has provided.

Part of being conscious of health is not just eating something because it’s there.

Part of being a not patronizing condescending person is allowing people to make their own choices.

Part of being a grown-up is being able to say “no thank you” to something one doesn’t want.

I’m thinking the kids and I will make cookies and I’ll put them on a plate in the kitchen or something and then play it by ear. Oatmeal raisin so I won’t eat them. Maybe I’ll pick up some sugar-free fudgesicles, too.

I miss cookies.

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2 Responses to the dessert dilemma

  1. Silent says:

    Did I miss something earlier about you not eating cookies?

    For another dessert option, what about a fresh fruit tray? You could have a fruit dip too, but it would be easy for folks to just take fruit without the dip if they want.

    • bookgirl says:

      Good idea. So–last gasp of strawberries and chocolate or first taste of fall with apples and caramel or pumpkin dip… Hmmm… Highs are still in the 90s…

      I’ll write about cookies sometime, but I think it’s boring. “woman talks about health and diet. Headline News!” 🙂

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