happy to be here

Posing for "Grandparent Day" Photos

Time can feel free to slow down now. Of course, it won’t. It will probably zoom by more and more quickly. But that’s okay, too.

Squeak can speak and this is Nothing. But. Fun! Right now, he seems to be playing with verbal processing. Everything that happens gets repeated in narration. (“I ate dinosaur (vitamin). Pampaw (Grandpa) cut in half. Pampaw gave me half. Pampaw said ‘I have dinosaur!'” “I take rabbit. Bubble say, ‘where rabbit?'” “It sunny day just like Peppa Pig *grunt*.”) He’s hilarious. And I can relax.

He’s also sitting through books (what a milestone that was for me with Bubble, but she did it about a year sooner!!!! That may have been as much about quieter circumstances in the house than gender or personality. Hard to say.)

Squeak also has a knack for independent play I find helpful. (Something Bubble did not. She would play independently if I was fully focused on her doing so. With Squeak, I can have a book open on my lap and be responding minimally and he’s happy. He’ll also head out to the sandbox without me. If I come out, he wants me to play, but if I watch from afar, he’s just fine.)

She's still occasionally a cat

Though she will occasionally gather her dolls and go to her room and close the door and have elaborate playtime with them there–especially if she wants some time away from the little brother who adores her–Bubble still tends to crave more specific attention. And when I give it to her, the rewards are multitudinous. She is fascinating. She tells stories and makes up plays and thinks about the world. She’s getting better at playing games–we played Uno the other day–though after a couple rounds she still wants to play with the pieces her own way.

There are things I still look forward to–playing games with both kids, for one–but that will come and, for now, this is a place I’m happy to be.

They each had a definite idea of how the photo should be posed. Neither would budge. 🙂

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2 Responses to happy to be here

  1. Terri says:

    I loved these ages with my kids, it is so delightful when they become verbal and their personalities express themselves that way!

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