carpe the water balloons

Perhaps the most carpe diem-ish ongoing activity has been the water balloons. Squeak discovered them, and every day he asks to “play with water balloons.” So we go outside and fill a bunch of balloons and he pops them. I’m counting it as carpe diem because we just keep doing it over and over. We’re doing this he loves to do and he is learning all about the properties of water balloons: water, rubber, fragility, throwing, catching, and picking up after ourselves.

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2 Responses to carpe the water balloons

  1. Oh my goodness he is looking more and more like Bubbles. Great activity momma. At least you have the weather for it. We will be all of 64 degrees today and 60 degrees tomorrow. Here comes Fall!

  2. Terri says:

    Love this! Loved water balloons with my kids.

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