happy birthday dear computerguy

Yep, it’s computer guys birthday and WordPress just ate my post.

Speaking of eating, that’s about all we have planned. I made waffles for breakfast and I’ll make lasagna for dinner. I have a box of moscato I found at the grocery store chilling in the fridge (he loves the sweet wines!). There are a couple of small cakes in the freezer we’ll decorate at some point today.

His family does pretty low-key birthdays (why I planned my own 40th celebration), so that’s what we’ve done, too. He seems to be satisfied. In fact, the times I’ve kind of tried to do more have kind of fallen flat.

So, happy birthday dear Computerguy! Let’s enjoy the day and blessings on the year. (I could actually say anything I want; he knows about the blog but doesn’t read it.)

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2 Responses to happy birthday dear computerguy

  1. Happy Birthday, CG! You’ve been blessed with a great wife.:P

  2. Terri says:

    Hope you enjoyed the day!

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