walking wounded

Got the stitches out! Oddly, the stitches were covered with a regular old small Caucasian flesh colored band-aid, so they weren’t even noticeable. Now that the stitches are out, I look wounded.

One of my friends on that ubiquitous social networking site asked what I had learned from this. Other than to have the number for the administrative desk at Computerguy’s office programmed into my phone, I’m not sure. Was there something I was supposed to learn? Is there a Greater Lesson in everything? (If I was supposed to learn not to wear open shoes, well, never going to happen.)

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4 Responses to walking wounded

  1. Silent says:

    I don’t think there’s necessarily a “Greater Lesson” in everything. But maybe you did learn some things…by that I mean experienced something you wouldn’t have otherwise that now informs you and your next experiences. One–being having the number in your phone. Or maybe something about the hospital you were taken to, or I don’t know. When we had to take my husband to the ER once, we learned that ER (one of 3 in a fairly small area) did not have either a pediatrician or opthamologist on-call. Unfortunately, we found that out because he had an eye injury, but glad we learned it before needing to take our then 18 month old to the ER!

    • bookgirl says:

      Yeah. I really did learn a lot of little things. Have the phone number, have the car seats in both cars (my poor husband had to find my car in the mall parking lot because we hadn’t bothered putting our extra seats back in the other car), and have a back-up person to call. Also, unless it’s against their better judgment based on the type of emergency, the paramedics will take you to your choice of hospital (in this case, our HMO) even if it is further away (several towns over). I didn’t know that–I assumed they just went to whatever was closest, but that made paperwork a whole lot easier.

      There are also some good reminder, like people really do want to help (like the woman who offered to sit with the kids and who got them cups of water which my husband said were really great later on). And random crazy things can happen Any Time.

      I’m sure there’s more…

  2. Terri says:

    oh no, I missed something! ouch. will have to catch up! I think I need to delete some of the blogs from my blog roll – it makes getting all the way down to “W” more difficult than it ought to be…glad you are ok. I am, as you can tell, busy!!

  3. quackademic says:

    How about: never walk underneath where there is a light bulb being changed…just in case!

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