dear megachurch

It wasn't really THIS big

Dear Megachurch I visited when visiting friends in another state,

You seem to have many good programs, great music, a personable pastor, and lots of fun videos and my friends really like you. They have found small groups and places to serve and they like the children’s ministry for their daughter. Keep up the good work.

May I, however, suggest that when you send me a letter telling me how grateful you are to God to have my child in the preschool ministry, asking for my help in joining in the ministry (and even more–the church itself), and condescendingly giving me options for ministry until I finish the membership class–I can bring snacks!–it might seem more sincere if (a) you had noted I had a California address and taken me off the mailing list; (b) you had noted my child was signed up for only one week; (c) you had caught that she did not even stay in the preschool ministry that day, but got shy and came to big church with me, or (d) you had asked on the registration if I were a member elsewhere. You have computerized check-in and registration (not to mention a lovely indoor play area we did enjoy after the service); surely you can have the computer note Out Of State Addresses or Folks Who Visit Once or People Who Are Members Elsewhere. It would save you paper and postage and, well, making me wonder if you don’t actually know the many kids and families who are part of your preschool ministry or about your big let’s-bring-in-new-members-through-our-fabulous-children’s-ministry plan. It also comes across as a little pushy and condescending to someone who shouldn’t really care because we were Just Visiting Friends!

That is all.



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