friday five: summertime

Dorcas brings us this Summertime Friday Five:

So, what’s up, Rev Gals and Pals?  How are you spending your summer?  (I know, some of you are in a different hemisphere and it may be chilly…sorry!)  Are you experiencing fire or floods or tornados?  Vacationing?  Working harder than ever?  Experiencing change?  Longing for change?

Share five things that are happening in your life, personally or professionally or some of each, in this season of life.

As regular readers of my blog know, I’m trying to make this a Carpe Diem summer–to really do things and not just find that it passed me by. I’ve been working at it, though I’ve found some of the Carpe Diem moments are important to me, but not that exciting for sharing, but I’m trying. That said, Summer 2011:

1) Prayer Practice: At the Still Point: A Literary Guide to Prayer in Ordinary Time compiled by Sarah Arthur. The RevDoc called me a week ago and said, “You must order this book.” So I did. There was no ebook available and due to the long weekend, it took until late Wednesday afternoon to arrive–even with my Amazon Prime account–but here it is. And, yep. I needed it. So I’m looking forward to morning prayer this summer and fall.

2) Group Events: We have a minor league baseball game (San Bernardino 66ers) with the church. It’s Harry Potter night. My question for myself: How geeky will I be with this group? I may keep myself to just the Quidditch hat or maybe hat and T-shirt. We’ll see. Sunday we have a barbecue (that’s “grill out” for my midwestern readers–meat on the grill, no sauce) and swim party with the Believing & Belonging group from last year. I’ve missed getting together with those folks. I’m sure there will be other events. I’m still hoping to get a drive-in movie night and a Shakespeare by the Sea event and maybe a Shakespeare film party going.

3) A Little (Volunteer) Work: I’m subbing for an adult Church School class in July, writing a couple of Meditations for a devotional the church is preparing for Advent, working on children’s church school stuff with the church school coordinator and Associate Pastor, at some point start preparing for an adult church school class I’ll be leading in the fall. In my academic life, I have a conference presentation in November for which I need to prepare, and I really should be working on getting one of my diss. chapters in shape to start sending out to journals, looking for more conferences, and checking for teaching opportunities, and just staying in. I tend to obsess over one thing at a time, and right now it’s the church/spiritual stuff, but I really should balance a bit.

4) The Pool: We have a great public pool just a few miles down the road, and I bought a season pass, so I need to get us there more often. Bubble had swim lessons for two weeks and has another two week stint starting Monday. She’s really getting proficient, especially swimming under water which was how I always did it.

5) Family Reunion: We’re heading back to the sequoias this year. My cousin wanted his ashes scattered at Silliman Meadow and Mt. Silliman (it’s my mom’s family name). So we’ll be camping and hiking and doing the ashes thing.

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2 Responses to friday five: summertime

  1. Dorcas says:

    Oh…I MUST get my mother in laws ashes taken care of….I won’t tell you how long it has been since she passed…heh heh. Sounds like a good summer with a nice balance of things!

  2. Leslie says:

    I love carpe diem as an overarching theme for a season. It’s too exhausting to conceptualize it as a permanent lifestyle, but season by season it’s doable. I an hoping against hope that I can get the worst of the dissertation out of the way with what’s left of the summer so that fall–my favorite time of year by far–might be my own carpe diem season. Thanks for the inspiration!

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