adventure in the desert

I decided to forego the Les Miserables dream (“I dreamed a dream of time gone by…”) and instead took Computerguy to a nearby desert town where Rango was still showing. We have kind of a history of going to see kid films for our anniversary (Looking forward to being able to actually take the kids to the movies, but I think we’re still a couple years off except at the drive-in), though usually the bigger blockbusters, but CG had really wanted to see it, and on our couple of earlier opportunities I had begged off due to exhaustion (and I picked Thor over Rango on my birthday weekend). So I looked up where it was still playing, got a restaurant recommendation (Paulina’s Mexican Grill) from a friend of CG who lives in the city (he’s the city manager), and headed out.

It ended up being a pretty nifty theme evening. We drove to the desert to eat southwestern food and see a desert-themed film. It was relaxed. The only stress was all the closed freeway entrances on our way out of town. The film was fun and I think CG liked it even better than I did. It was the “discount” theater and it really wasn’t bad, but we had the requisite teens–I hate it when teens fit the cliches–having a banal conversation through the entire movie. They were loud and unknowledgeable. It wasn’t even amusing commentary. Oh well.

We talked about the new production of Les Mis, and CG really hadn’t been interested in it, so I guess I did well. I’d still kind of like to see it, though.

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