les mis

I could go see Les Miserables any time. I saw it first my senior year in high school on a school trip. I believe it was its first LA production (though I could be making that up). I bought the 80s stylin’ over-sized T-shirt with the picture of Cosette down the front and wore it out. I own the Broadway LPs (bought and listened to constantly the year before that first show) and CDs of the Complete Symphonic Recording and the French concept album. Computerguy has the original London cast CDs. He may have the Broadway ones, too. My mom and I went to see it during our New York trip and CG and I saw it the first year we were married. I love the music, the sets, the story, the themes. I love musicals of all stripes, but Les Mis is special.

So… It’s my year to plan our anniversary celebration; my parents are going to be in town to watch the kids; Les Mis is about the only interesting thing playing close enough to make a simple evening of it. I would do it in a flash. It seems like once every seven years on average isn’t bad for this show. Do I dare get tickets without checking with CG first? I don’t have a feel for how much he is willing to do repeat things. He’d seen it at least once when we went seven years ago, maybe twice. Would he be up for it again? He really likes new adventures. Since we started switching years for anniversaries, we’ve tried to surprise each other, but I could just ask. I don’t know. I just don’t know. But the more I think about it, the more I want to go. Hmmm…

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