carpe diem and also

We took the kids to do this:

And then we eschewed the Cheesecake Factories and P.F. Chang’s, etc., (all of which we enjoy, but can be just a little more tiring than they are worth with a 2-and-4-year-old in tow), and ate here:

It was a really nice evening, one of the nicest family evenings we’ve had in a long time. It was relaxed and fun and spontaneous.

And now Computerguy is suddenly off today to Idaho to see and help out his parents for most of a week and I am trying to see my Carpe Diem invitation (and what other invitation there might be) in being left here with the kids. We will most likely drive to Arizona and spend the long weekend with my folks at the resort-in-the-desert in which they live. I’m grateful for the option.

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One Response to carpe diem and also

  1. Terri says:

    Have a good weekend,safe travels!

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