carpe diem 1: friday-sunday (june 24-26)

Friday Night I thought we could all make our own pizza creations and Computerguy thought we could have a picnic in the living room and watch Wall-E which we had bought a few weeks back, but hadn’t yet brought out. Squeak seems to like robots, so I thought he would enjoy the film. Bubble is not so interested in feature length shows. A double Dora episode is about her limit. So it was a fun evening if a limited success. We got through about an hour of the film and then Bubble got concerned about missing her “bedtime process” so we stopped and kept up the routine for the child. Friday Night Movie Night as a regular thing may have to wait awhile, but it was a nice change of pace, and I really do love Wall-E. I wish I had gotten photos of the pizza creations (Bubble: Parmesan cheese and butter; Squeak said yes to sauce, ham, and mozzarella; CG made a calzone/stromboli thing with pepperoni and sun dried tomatoes; I did stromboli with Italian beef and horseradish.)

Friday afternoon I got a call from a former student. She was in town and I had messaged her that we were free most of the weekend, so we made plans to meet up for breakfast at Mimi’s on Saturday. I offered to take the kids and give Computerguy the morning off, but he decided to join us. In a graduation card, this student wrote “you have always made an effort to check in with me, visit me in various cities…” She’s right. It’s been completely intentional. There are bonds that form sometimes, and with this one, I’ve felt a need to know that she’s well (and there’s a little bit of a story there, but not for today’s post). And she is well. She’s great! We all had breakfast together, and then CG took the kids outside and the student and I had a chance to talk a little bit more intimately. It was a good morning, and different. Carpe Diem!

Brooklyn, 2006 (Our "KidMoon" I'm just barely expecting Bubble)

And then came today. I was sick in the night, and Computerguy got sick this morning, so I took the kids to church alone and have been just basically surviving since then. Right now I have them watching a double Dora episode (it’s almost over), while I caught up here, but I really just want to take a nap. I’m thinking about what we can do, anyway. I think we may make a Target run and get a sprinkler thing I saw the other day. I’m not up for the public pool (we have passes and it’s good fun), but they do love to play in the water.

Meanwhile, I’ll be thinking about tomorrow…


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