my times are in thy hand

Not the Picture, but a photo of that church

One of my very favorite things my parents own is a picture, painted for them by a member of their first church as a goodbye gift from, I think, the Sunday School class. It shows a simple church building with a family (Father, Mother, Son, Daughter) in old-fashioned clothes standing in front of it. The words from this week’s (Easter 5a) lectionary Psalm are written on the picture, “My times are in Thy hand” (Psalm 31:15a).

That picture has had a place of prominence on the wall in every place my parents have lived. They’ve carried it with them all over the world and placed it where it could be seen, a reminder of a place where our lives were transformed and of people who cared for us and a reminder of of those words, wherever we were, whatever we did, it was/is in God’s hand.

That’s all I’ve got.

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3 Responses to my times are in thy hand

  1. deanna Long says:

    I think of Alisa Steen (the painter) and her husband Don and the rest of that Sunday School class. No one could value that picture more than us.

  2. deanna Long says:

    And where did you find that photo of “The Church on 9th Street” (the name when we joined) which changed to “Ninth Street Christian Church” while Craig was there for tax purposes.

  3. Not much said but a LOT said.

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