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For the past few months, we (and when I say we, I mostly mean our Associate Pastor) have been working on a new church website. Computerguy suggested using WordPress so that multiple people could be responsible (we’ve had a problem with the old site and a bottleneck of one who had moved out of state–but what a lot of work she had done and she was still gamely doing updates–before my time, so I never met her, but have a lot of appreciation for her), and he set up a test space and our AP started playing and having fun, so he kind of took off with it (and set up a site for himself, too). Computerguy helped with the technical details and I filled in some of the blanks and proofread and critiqued and made sure there was another voice (read woman) in the room.

It’s been fun.

We tried to have it live for Easter, but it got hung up in the interwebs with domain release issues and so on. Today the email will go out.

I can’t imagine it’s interesting to anyone who isn’t a part of the church (and maybe not even to anyone who is), but, just for fun, here it is. The AP’s (life-and-times-of) blog is Faith and Coffee. The pastor’s (strictly-part-of-this-church-thing) blog is See You Sunday. (If you do happen to read the Pastor’s blog, it was Bubble skipping back singing about the butterfly pack).

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