this morning’s conversation

This morning’s conversation left me a little discomfited and I’m not sure why. In the following, Grandma and Grandpa are my parents.

Computerguy: When’s your thing at church tonight?
Bookgirl: 7:00, but it’s not “my thing” it’s a service. Anyone can come.
Grandma: Maundy Thursday? I’ve never been to a Maundy Thursday service.
Bookgirl: Me either, actually.
Grandpa: Maundy Thursday. I’ve been going to them all my life.
Grandma (mystified): What part of your life? (They’ve been married 40+ years.)
Grandpa: We were Presbyterian. We always had Maundy Thursday.
Bookgirl: And you went? Like, your whole family?
Grandpa: Of course. The folks were deacons and stuff. And it was one of 5 communions for the year.
Bookgirl: Oh.

And then my mom asked about the meaning and significance of Maundy Thursday and I told her what I knew (last supper, the new commandment–mandatum, that we don’t have a service for Good Friday, but I think acknowledge it as everything goes dark during the service). She seemed to approve.

So I don’t know who will go tonight, but my family still surprises (and confuses) me.

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