planting trees at church

Every year our church has a Lenten retreat. Usually it is a study of some kind over a Friday Night, all day Saturday, and Sunday morning worship. This year, the committee changed all that (CHANGE!!?). The Lenten retreat was 3 hours. Period. We gathered. Our pastor said a few words and prayed. We disbursed and planted trees in the church parking lot and along the city street. The committee worked with the city and the city actually provided the trees for the street. They were a little concerned about how many folks would show up, who they would be, so they even dug the holes and set the trees in place, leaving just the filling in for our people. There was a twinge of disappointment over that, but we got to do everything for the ones in the parking lot and it gave some extra time to do some planter clean-up that needed to happen. Then we gathered at the furthest tree, walked along the sidewalk, said blessings over the trees, and had lunch together. A good day. An Easter day of new life and hope for the future.

Yesterday we planted trees
Trees for beauty
Trees for shade
Trees for life
Trees for the future

They are signs that we care
Signs of hope
Signs of peace in the city

We worshiped
We prayed
And we planted

Trees for life
Holy trees
Living trees
Actual trees
Yet symbols
And signs

They are our trees
The church’s trees
The Creator’s trees
The city’s trees
Our trees

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2 Responses to planting trees at church

  1. Terri says:

    very cool idea, even if it was different….like the poem, too.

  2. Bene Jadulco says:

    Hi I found this site where you can Plant a tree in your name by just simply signing up here: help save the planet.

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