friday five: quickpick edition

This comes from kathrynzj:

Greetings all!
We’re in the midst of ‘it’ and I’m hoping that it is not just me who is starting to get a bit overwhelmed. So for today I am asking for five quick picks of things that are good in your life. And as a bonus, 1 pick for a thing you could do without.
If you want to describe them? Great.
If not? That’s fine too.

As a lay person, I’m not quite so much “in the midst of it” though I’m beginning to see some of that as we try to coordinate church school teachers in our rotation curriculum. “Excuse me, would you mind teaching on April 10 and May 22? The weeks in between we’re doing other things with the kids.” Anyway… 5 good things:
1) Easter. Trying to recognize Easter moments in the every day.
2) The Beach. Some years I act like I don’t live just over an hour from it and other years I get there pretty often. I hope to make this an often year.
3) My Family. ’nuff said.
4) Books! Always.
5) Community. Online and off.
Bonus, one thing I could live without: The need to again request a letter of rec that I first requested last fall… Ugh.
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4 Responses to friday five: quickpick edition

  1. Terri says:

    great list…when my kids were little we lived within a short bike ride from a Lake Michigan beach, and that became our daily routine – lunch, bike ride, play at beach for several hours, bike ride home for supper, everyone good and tired!

  2. kathrynzj says:

    Oh the beach, how I miss it so…
    I love the list, thank you so much for playing!

  3. Brittany says:

    Hope that letter comes through quickly so you can cross that ugh off your list! 🙂

  4. Leslie says:

    I think a seven-month wait for a letter of rec is pretty average. 🙂

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