a day with the kids

We were playing match cards with puzzle pieces. Bubble said she needed a chair, so she pulled up the doll stroller. The five plastic chairs are everything from airplane seats to turtle or tortoise shells, but certainly not chairs to pull up to a table. After we played match cards with the puzzle pieces, we played Go Fish. Then she surprised me and sat quietly and put the puzzles together. It’s a set of five puzzles. This was all while Squeak was napping on the sofa.

Later Squeak found the aprons and asked to wear them and he found the Dora umbrella we acquired, and he had a great time prancing around in his apron with the umbrella. So, naturally, Mom took photographs and posted them here and on that ubiquitous social network. If Dad works late, he can live with it. (He wouldn’t actually care.)

Computerguy has a big software release tomorrow night (and I have a session (church leadership) meeting, ::sigh::), so he’s been working nights and weekends for a couple of weeks. It will be good to have him back after tomorrow.

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