posting something

I’m surprised at how little I’ve posted since finishing the dissertation. I guess between not having Granddaddy Nanny around to watch the kiddoes and not having anything to procrastinate, the blog has suffered.

We flew to the in-laws in Boise, Idaho on Christmas day. We were greeted by beaming grandparents at the airport and brought home for Christmas dinner–including a big, old Costco pumpkin pie. I suddenly got worried they’d read the blog before I edited it. I think they would mention the blog if they were reading it. Right? (Mimi, Pop, if you’re reading this, do please say something.) Anyway, I pride myself on being careful with my online presence, but it’s so easy to think about big vague things like future possible employers and forget about little, important things like in-laws’ feelings.

Right now Computerguy and the grandparents are outside playing with the kids and I am taking a few minutes of alone time. I’m trying to truly make myself at home. I’m brewing a pot of coffee (decaf so MIL can enjoy it, too) and I think I’m going to sneak another piece of pie. Nevermind. Gotta go be with the family.

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One Response to posting something

  1. Terri says:

    it’s nice to be with family…for awhile. And I do wonder about the blog thing. I think my blog is relatively benign, but then I see potential employers may have dropped by – or at least someone from the same city did, and I wonder “What did I say?” and “How will they respond to this?”…sigh. But then again I think, the blog is gentle reflection of who I am and if they don’t like it then they won’t like me, either…

    I lived in Nampa, ID for a year, when I was in fourth grade. That was a long time ago. What I remember most, having moved there from Salt Lake City, was the flat topped mountains. LOL

    Enjoy your trip, and safe travels.

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