25 random things

I wrote this in January of 2009 when it was circulating on that ubiquitous social networking site. So almost 2 years ago. I thought it would be kind of fun to post it here. Most of it is still apropos of my life, though I will make a few notes (in italics since I already used parentheses) by items.

1) I should be working on my dissertation, so I’m doing this instead. Finally done. Just waiting for the final signature.
2) I’m married. (So, I still think that’s random, but it’s a good thing.)
3) I love that my dad is taking care of my daughter so I can work on my dissertation, but I miss her when I stay at the university and work (and I feel guilty when I do things like this instead of working, but somehow that doesn’t stop me.)
4) I’m expecting in April. Of 2009!
5) I think I’m having a boy, but I have absolutely no actual evidence to support the assumption. Yep.
6) We really don’t have a preference whether we’re having a boy or girl.
7) I was born in Guantanamo Bay Cuba, a place that for my first 30-some years no one had ever heard of. That changed very quickly.
(8) I’ve also lived in Japan and Taiwan. And Missouri, Nevada, Hawaii, California, and Indiana.
9) The most different of the places I’ve lived is a little tiny town in the middle of Nevada.
10) My favorite writer is Madeleine L’Engle.
11) I study Shakespeare.
12) I’ve studied Old English, Middle English, and Latin.
13) I’ve been in school for 28 years. Full-time for 25 of them. I guess that’s an even 30 now.
14) I have 2 Masters degrees.
15) I don’t really feel like I fit into living in California even though I’ve lived here over 20 years.
16) While I appreciate all the big, important things about my husband, it’s the little things that we have in common that make life easy. e.g. We both love rare steak, so I don’t have to try to figure out how to barbeque it medium or something.
17) I’m a very one-sided person. I know a lot about literature and nothing about music (really–nothing) or art or history, etc. unless I’ve read about it.
18) I try to keep my Facebook Profile as non-political as I can.
19) I miss teaching high school because it was much more personal than teaching random composition classes. And I got to teach way more literature.
20) I don’t miss teaching high school for all the reasons I originally quit.
21) I miss my friends who are scattered across the country.
22) I might fill something like this out, but, as a rule, I don’t send it on and I never participate in the email “send this on to the next 5 people and get something back” types of things even when they seem kind of fun and completely innocuous.
23) It drives my up a wall how gendered things (clothes, toys, art, etc.) are in our society for tiny kids.
24) I’m currently ABD. Still, but only for a few more days, I hope.
25) I have a rag doll named Charlotte (named for Laura’s doll in Little House in the Big Woods) that my mom made for me when I was 4.

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2 Responses to 25 random things

  1. Terri says:

    I think I did a random list a long time ago….enjoyed reading yours. Exciting that your dissertation is only waiting for the final signature.

  2. deanna Long says:

    And you still have Charlotte? I still have Spot and so many other little things that remind me of the younger you and keep me wondering about the you that exists now and the remarkable presence you share with so much of the world.

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