friday five: pie-ola!

This RevGalBlogPal Friday Five comes from Songbird:

We had three pies planned for a six-person Thanksgiving dinner, and there was some anxiety on my part about the need one had for gluten-free crusts. I worried, you see, that we would have pies no one liked, or run out of the one “good” pie (you know, with gluten). There was a last-minute trip to buy more pie crust that failed (sold out!). Then early on Thanksgiving morning, the phone rang. It was my neighbor, saying she wanted to bring something over. It was a beautiful maple pumpkin pie! (That sounds fantastic! –Bookgirl)

Now we were all set.

Later in the day, the doorbell rang unexpectedly. Someone said, “It’s a pie delivery!”

And sure enough, it was a relative stopping by, and he had a pecan pie for us. Pie-ola!!!

Please answer these five questions about pie:
1) Are pies an important part of a holiday meal? Pumpkin pie at both Thanksgiving and Christmas and gingerbread cookies at Christmas. Other holidays, I guess not so much. I really do want a Holiday dessert at Christmas, though anything cinnamon-y or gingerbread-y will do if pumpkin pie isn’t on the menu.

2) Men prefer pie; women prefer cake. Discuss. We’re not big cake fans here. Both Computerguy and I and so far Bubble prefer the frosting to the cake. I love a good angel food cake, but otherwise, pie for the both of us. Or cobbler which I like better than pie with fruit. I’m not sure about my family of origin. Aside from birthdays (angel food for me, lemon bundt for my brother), we didn’t have a lot of cake and aside from holidays or dinner at Baker’s Square, we didn’t have a lot of pie.

3) Cherries–do they belong in a pie? Love cherries, not a big fan of cherry pie. Throw that can of pie filling in a chocolate cake and I’ll eat cake.

4) Meringue–if you have to choose, is it best on lemon or chocolate? Cookies. I love meringue kisses made with egg whites, sugar, vanilla, and Cornflakes (no coconut here). Chocolate silk pie. Lemon cake or bars. Lemon pie is just too much lemon and the meringue adds nothing to contrast it.

5) In a chicken pie, what are the most compatible vegetables? Anything you don’t like to find in a chicken pie? I have to have peas. I love the flavor they add to the chicken and gravy. Onions and celery work well. I’m not a big fan of cooked carrots, but I know the orange adds a lot to the presentation, so I’ll add a few (except I’ll probably never make it because CG is NOT  a casserole guy), so I like restaurant chicken pie that isn’t overly carroty.

I’m about to get serious. Stop now if you want to keep the light, holiday mood.

This was a nice, light Friday Five for what has turned out to be a somber Holiday. My cousin has been fighting an infection and things aren’t looking good. My brother called last night, and a bunch of family are headed south. So as Advent begins in a few days, we wait. And the promise in last Sunday’s scripture and sermon keeps echoing in my head, “today, with me, in paradise.”

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2 Responses to friday five: pie-ola!

  1. Songbird says:

    I’m sorry to hear what a somber holiday this has been. Prayers for all involved.

  2. Jan says:

    Sorry about your sad holiday. The MIL link is tough and good for me to read since I am now one. I never thought of pumpkin pie at Christmas, but it makes me realize that it’s such a good pie it should be offered more often than just at Thanksgiving!

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