a new tradition, redux

Mostly for Thanksgiving we have gone to my folks’ place in Arizona. My paternal uncle and aunt are also there and cousins come visit them. My maternal aunt, her partner, and some cousins often come from Tucson. It’s a good long weekend of family time.

This year we’ve been traveling, we’re busy here, we’ve seen my folks quite a lot, and we just decided to stay put (though Computerguy did offer just the other day to make the trip–I may take the kids over in December). I’m looking forward to having 5 days (Wednesday is a furlough day for CG) of time just at home together. Maybe we’ll actually decorate for Christmas this year–that’s my great hope, anyway.

3 years ago we stayed home for Thanksgiving because I was in the middle of my Ph.D. Qualifying Exams. I had taken my 3 writtens and was preparing for the oral. It was pretty intense. We had a good time, though (and I’ve mentioned it before–same picture, too–one of my very favorites). We talked about Thanksgiving dinner and decided to have traditional gourmet pizza. We thought that would become our we’re-having-a-small-family-Thanksgiving-tradition. And then I started making homemade pizza almost every Friday night. Oops.

So now we need a new tradition. I would actually do the Turkey and fixings because I LOVE them, but CG is really negative about that idea and it’s a lot of work for not so much pay off. Anyway, it’s fun to make new traditions. So we’re thinking of revisiting our childhoods (especially his) and having traditional Thanksgiving fondue (ok–never a T-giving childhood memory, but other special times). Of course, when I think fondue, I think cheese and crusty bread. When he thinks fondue, he thinks beef in hot oil. So I plan to do both of those. I think he kind of wants chocolate fondue and I haven’t given up on the idea of pumpkin pie, so we have to work that one out yet. I’d do both, but I’m not sure I want an entire pumpkin pie to eat by myself. Not that I wouldn’t enjoy it…

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One Response to a new tradition, redux

  1. deanna Long says:

    I am salivating for Pumpkin pie!

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