travels with bookgirl

Speaking of pedestrian, here’s a litany of our travels. Feel free to ignore or just check out the photos.

The trip East was good fun and a great time of rest, enjoyment, connecting, and togetherness. And eating. My professor came through at the last moment, so I was able to drop a hard copy of the diss. off to the committee member who wanted a hard copy and email it to the other one and had that off my mind. Yay!

Saturday: We got in to Boston in the afternoon and Harvard Divinity Student (hereafter HDS) met us at our motel in Braintree. We had a lovely Italian dinner and good catch up time.

Sunday: We went to church together (Fourth Presbyterian Church in South Boston). HDS had warned us that it could be a little chaotic, and it was, but it was good, the community aspects were strong, and the preaching was thoughtful. The music was great! HDS said people claim it’s not really a Presbyterian church, but she and I agree that it totally is. It wasn’t really that different than our own church. The liturgy was similar, the parts of the service were all there, the session and deacons were in evidence. The biggest difference is really just a casualness that doesn’t maybe show up in a some Presby churches, but I’ve been in others where it does. In fact, it reminded me even more of the church we went to before our present one, except this one seemed to be a true community. Anyway…

We headed to Harvard Square for lunch after church and HDS showed us around the University. She then left to go study and we wandered around the area finding a cool toy store, walking along the Charles River, and ending with the best hot chocolate Computerguy has ever had (his words).

Monday: It was cold, windy, and rainy, so we went to the Boston Children’s Museum. The kids loved it, of course. Computerguy started feeling ill while we were there (we never managed to get flu shots), so he eventually went back to the motel and the kids and I went to HDS’s house for dinner.

Tuesday: Computerguy felt slightly better, but I couldn’t get out of bed. Ugh! So we had a motel day and CG was great about the kids even though he wasn’t 100%. It turns out, one can pretty much watch PBS Kids all day long. Computerguy did take each kid out in turns for some errand running, but mostly we just curled up. Gotta say, Motel 6 is great when one is just there to sleep (they even once had an ad campaign to that effect). One really misses the amenities when one is there all day. Oh for a microwave and mini fridge!

My biggest disappointment was that we were supposed to meet HDS’s HDS Boyfriend that evening, and there was just no way. We never quite caught up with each other again, and we didn’t get any pictures together. I guess I was figuring we had Tuesday night to do that. Regardless, we had some really good time together.

Wednesday: Everyone was feeling much better, so we headed back into Boston. Our goal for the day: find a branch of the Museum of Bad Art for Computerguy (he’s been on their mailing list for 10 years or so). We started the day with crepes. We’re always on a quest for crepes–another Computerguy thing. Then the first gallery we tried to find was in a movie theater and one had to buy a movie ticket to see the gallery. Strike that one. So we went to the two things I wanted to be sure and do, Boston Common  and Quincy Market. The kids played on the Make Way for Ducklings ducks for a good 1/2 hour and probably would have stayed longer. I didn’t find the same bag vendor I had found 15 years ago at Quincy Market, so I was a little disappointed at not getting a new bag, but we had fun looking at the market stalls and eating with a group of field trip kids in the big hall. Then we went out to an outlying area to a high school that held another gallery of MOBA and CG got his Bad Art fix.

Thursday: We decided we’d done what we’d wanted in Boston and headed on to Vermont. Timing worked out well for three visits: lunch in Athol, MA with Computerguy’s former neighbor, dinner in White River Junction, VT with one of my cousins and her boyfriend (got to meet one boyfriend on the trip), hanging out late in Burlington, VT with another cousin and her roommate.

Friday: Pancake breakfast in Burlington with Real Vermont Maple Syrup. A trip through the Ben & Jerry’s Factory! Visiting my cousins’ mother in her self-designed house in Huntington, VT. Dinner at a Roadfood restaurant. Deciding to end up in Manchester, NH for the night. Good talking time while the kids were sleeping in the car.

Saturday: Computerguy tried really hard to get up so we could actually check out Manchester, but couldn’t quite do it. We ended up just in time to hit one more Roadfood spot, Kelly’s Roast Beef, in Revere, MA. Turns out it was just a few miles from the airport and it was at the beach. What a lovely last thing.

And then there was the four hour plane ride from Boston to Denver with a over-sized, squirmy 19-month-old on my lap. Oh. My. Word. I’m glad I will never have that particular experience again. People were complimentary, though. He was squirmy but not fussy. It’s the small things. Then Denver to Ontario, pick up the car, stop for milk, and home again home again. We were able to move both kids straight into bed from the car. Again, the small things!

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