journal and randomness and halloween

I picked up my journal again recently and my blogging has suffered. In my journal I don’t have to think about audience. I don’t think too much about audience here, but I do a little bit.

Grandpa left for a couple of weeks which means I probably won’t have a lot of blogging time.

We head to Boston on Saturday to visit my young friend who is in her third year at Harvard Divinity School. And meet her boyfriend. And see my cousins in Vermont. Computerguy has a furlough day and Veterans’ Day, so we’re taking advantage of using minimal vacation days.

It should be a good week for it in my schedule because, ideally, I’ll have just given my revised dissertation to my other two committee members. That is if my chair gets it back to me on time. This wouldn’t be an issue if one of the professors didn’t want a hard copy.

If my advisor is slow, I’m not sure what happens. The schedule is extremely tight at this point. I may be Fed-Exing from Boston.

When Computerguy gets home from work, we’ll walk down to the local elementary school with the kiddoes and vote.

We had bagpipes and shortbread for Reformation Day on Sunday. Bubble was sick, so I took Squeak and CG stayed home with the girl. After church, we stood outside with friends from our extended membership class and listened to the pipes and drums. Squeak loves music. I also noticed how many people I talked to throughout the morning, not just from that class or our pastor.

Bubble was sick in the morning, but was feeling better by evening, so we went ahead with Halloween plans. We dressed up and went Trick or Treating down one street in our extended neighborhood. Then we went to the next town and wandered along an area where people go all out decorating their houses, the police close down the streets to cars, and ghosts and goblins and witches and mice and skeletons and so on wander around. The lines to trick or treat at these houses are long (which just seems really strange to me–one shouldn’t have to stand in line to trick or treat), so, as planned, we just pushed the kids in the strollers and enjoyed the atmosphere. I got more attention than I expected given that people of all ages were dressed up. Yes. I am one of those grown-ups who enjoys Halloween and has, since college, dressed up and done something to celebrate. When I taught, I dressed up most years for the school day and then went to a friend’s house to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas. In high school we has alternate activities, of course.

Anyway…here we are. Bubble picked hers and Squeak’s costumes and I pulled mine out of the closet. Click the gallery photos if you want to see them larger. (I couldn’t figure out how to not include the embedded ones also in the gallery.)

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One Response to journal and randomness and halloween

  1. Silent says:

    At my last congregation, we did “Trick or Trunk” where folks decorate their cars and wear costumes, we close off the parking lot, and hand out candy from the trunks of cars. So I’ve had costumes the last 6 years. I didn’t realize that I’d miss it so much this year!

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