Sometimes I don’t know how to sift through truth. I don’t know when something is just so ingrained in me that I am accepting it without thinking about it, and when it’s really so.

I understand a black and white view of Scripture. It’s so much easier to say “this is all literal truth” than to try to understand what is literal, what is figurative or symbolic or story, and what is maybe even (can I write such blasphemy?) error (of translation or transcription, I’m sure); what is for a time and what is for all time. There’s a lot of room for human error in that sifting. So some would claim we can’t do that, yet they sift in their own ways, perhaps without even realizing they are.

I’ve been reading Brian McLaren, A New Kind of Christianity, and I suppose I’m late to the party with McLaren, but I wish I could have a conversation about this (and yes, I do know he’s considered heretical). What he says resonates with me, though I’m not sure it’s as revolutionary as it sounds. A lot of what he says Madeleine L’Engle was saying, in different words, 30 years ago. Is it any surprise that 2 English people would read the scriptures similarly? Or that what they say would then resonate with me? Have no doubt, Brian McLaren is an English person.

Have I mentioned how much I like reading on the iPad?

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One Response to truth?

  1. mompriest says:

    I didn’t know churches consider McLaren heretical….mine doesn’t – we love him….I first read his A Generous Orthodoxy…and I think could scholarship of scripture is crucial but so is reading it in a way that enables it to speak to us in the lives we live – it needs to inform and form us as a living Word. anyway, sounds like you are wrestling with some good stuff…maybe Spirit-led good stuff?

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